Imagination, planning, preparation and practice

Those 4 elements can and will improve your outdoor cooking to an incredible degree.

Too often, when we head outdoors, be it for an overnight camp, a few days kayaking or even a multi-week expedition, we assign the lowest priority to our food.

Destination, partners, objective and equipment play a much more prominent role in our plans.

However, the food we choose should fuel more than just our muscles. It shouldn't be a chore to eat food in the evening at some high camp, or make do with soggy pasta and an insipid sauce. Instead it should be something to which we look forward.

Good food can fuel our minds and our bodies. 

This is a skill I've had the good fortunate to learn at a young age, so now I want to encourage more adventurers and outdoor athletes to enhance their food options and explore the vast array of what's possible with great food in the outdoors.